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The best free domain appraisal and valuation tool.

Are you wondering how much your domains are worth?

No need to hire a domain name appraiser, this instant valuation service will help you get fair domain appraisals based on your names metrics and the sales of similar domains.

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As you may have noticed, our domain entry box is cutting edge!
Whatever you enter, our script will scan and only extract the domains found.

But we thought we'd go the extra mile!
Maybe you only like dot coms or don't want to valuate any names with hyphens?

This is why we now offer you the option to set your own filter preferences:

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Because we are ALL DIFFERENT.

Everyone has their OWN particular requirements and level of experience.

When I want to buy a domain name, I like to compare it with names I previously sold myself, this REASSURES ME. Am I buying something relatively better or worse in terms of value?

These domains are my OWN REFERENCES!

Now you can enter up to 10 domains of reference that will always appear in your valuation results in green, so you can better COMPARE!
Find out below the terms used when presenting the valuation data spreadsheet:

Freq.: Term frequency, how many times the term(s) composing the domain name are indexed by search engines?

Searches: Often call 'search popularity', it's the average times the exact term(s) composing the domain name is globally searched monthly on Google.

Traffic: Alexa trend traffic, just given by courtesy, it isn't used in domain valuation.

Comp.: Average advertising bidding competition. Are the term(s) composing the domain name actively advertised?

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